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Options for Luxurious WPC (Waterproof) Flooring A product of SLCC Flooring. Luxury WPC flooring is among the most advanced, adaptable, and effective flooring currently on the market. For added benefits and features, SLCC Flooring offers luxury vinyl tile flooring options comprised of WPC, a wood-plastic/polymer composite. They are referred to collectively as Luxury WPC flooring. Alternative designations for this category of flooring include engineered luxury vinyl flooring, enhanced vinyl plank, and impermeable vinyl. One of the most important things is we carry Green Guard Certified Floors, this is nontoxic so it's family-safe.

Luxury WPC Is Distinguishable From Conventional Luxury Vinyl Tile.

What distinguishes luxury WPC flooring from LVT? The primary distinction is that Luxury WPC is impermeable and requires minimal preparation to install over most subfloors. Due to the flexible nature of conventional vinyl flooring, any substructure irregularities will be transferred to the surface. Luxury WPC products have a clear advantage over conventional glue-down LVT or solid-locking LVT in that the rigid core conceals subfloor imperfections. Moreover, the rigid core permits the creation of lengthier and wider formats. Concerning the preparation of Luxury WPC would need to be applied over fissures and divots in wooden or concrete subfloors is not as strict as the original flexible thinner older versions of the older types of vinyl plank floors.

Luxury WPC Flooring is resistant to water and scuffs.

The luxurious WPC flooring is robust at the surface but pleasant to the feet, regulating body temperature with the changing seasons. The impermeable construction of Luxury WPC flooring is a significant advantage, rendering it a feasible choice for high-traffic areas such as kitchens, where inadvertent spillage are a possibility. An abundance of additional advantages are provided by luxury WPC floors.

Aspects and Advantages of High-End WPC Flooring

Adaptability to large format sizes and shapes. Patterns and designs that are distinct from those of competing flooring options. Utilizing exclusive embossing methods and high-fidelity printing techniques, each design exudes realism. Performance that is resilient and long-lasting, withstanding the heavy foot traffic caused by children and pets. Superior in dimensional stability and rigidity compared to conventional luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring. Offers the highest resistance in the industry to dents, blemishes, discoloration, and other forms of minor to moderate damage. Easy to maintain and care for. Simple installation is required. Waterproof construction. Supported by a 25-year warranty!