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wood floor installation coupon

wood floor installation coupon

I will never forget how exited I was when on May of 2013 my installation team were hired to work for Lumber Liquidators Austin, TX north store as the sole installation provider. In 3 days I installed their showroom floor and got after it. After less than a year I had multiple crews working all over Austin. While vacationing with my family at Disney Land CA, I was informed that my services at Lumber Liquidators were no longer needed due to an installation error.

Rather than allow me to fix it, they relieved my services after I had poured my heart into that corporate company. I didn't tell my wife at the time what had just happened. The rest of the vacation I'd put on a smile and pretend everything was ok while my kids enjoyed the vacation.

I remember being in California on that trip while at poolside how my body was there but my mind wasn't. It was right then I made a decision to never let this happen again. I would pour my energies and all my creative efforts into my own wood flooring company.

In order to compete with corporate America big box stores my company would have to shine. Since then I have strived and worked hard to create a professional, clean and ethical wood floor company with a solid code of ethics.

1. I will never charge more than industry standard.
2. I will work with a contingency of success.
3. I will put service before self.
4. I will educate my customers.
5. I'll stand behind every project completed.

I want to share my success with every customer and make sure that the quality and the finesse that goes into their floor reflects my core values. Never give up and always do your very best.

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