Green Guard Flooring in Austin, TX

Your Protection Is Our Number One Priority 

SLCC Flooring is a provider with headquarters in the United States that is committed to offering flooring goods that not only meet but also surpass all applicable safety and sustainability requirements. This helps to guarantee that you will get a high-quality item that you can rely on.

We Place a Priority on Using Eco-Friendly Flooring.

Since the well-being of those who visit and work in our woods is one of our primary concerns at all times, in addition to the general precautions we've taken, we've also implemented certain special safety precautions. The hardwood that goes into the flooring items that we expertly handcraft comes straight from forests that are well- kept and well-managed by the government and private organizations.

No Harmful Substances, By-Products, or Additives Are Utilized in the Production Process.

You may relax knowing that none of the flooring materials offered by SLCC have any harsh or dangerous additives, byproducts, or toxic components that might put your health at risk.

Taking small steps may have a huge impact.

Because we are all aware of the warnings about the greenhouse effect that are reported in the news virtually every day, taking a few further measures to do what we can do every day to guarantee that our planet and our homes are safe and livable places becomes not just a smart option, but also a social duty to have an influence that will endure.

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Our Flooring Products are in compliance with CARB Phase 2 Requirements.

The California Air Resources Board was created in 1967 with the goal of preserving and enhancing the state's air quality. The wood flooring products that can be purchased at SLCC Flooring are CARB Phase 2 compliant, which means that they meet or surpass the criteria that were established by the board.
The presence of formaldehyde is a major cause for worry when it comes to the security of your house as well as the safety of the broader public. When it comes to wood flooring goods, having the CARB Phase 2 compliance certification ensures that the product in question does not contain any hazardous compounds or byproducts, including formaldehyde, at levels that are considered to be detrimental.

FloorScore has validated the quality of our flooring.

The most well-recognized standard for certifying the quality of indoor air is known as FloorScore®. They use labs that have been independently recognized by ISO-17025 in order to determine the most reliable and accurate findings. The certification procedure is not simple, but floors that bear the FloorScore® Certification label have shown that they have satisfied all of the prerequisites. The following are the usual steps involved in the certification process: Evaluation, which includes a thorough examination of the product's unique composition as well as the document control system used at the production facility. Audit on location Product emissions testing to guarantee that no potentially hazardous chemicals, also known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), were utilized in the production of the flooring.

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Flooring by Need

SLCC Flooring Opted to Go the Extra Mile for Customers.

Be aware that the procedure of FloorScore® Certification is a non-mandatory, independent certification that SLCC has implemented to verify that our hardwood floors are safe. The test verifies that the components used in the production of our hardwood floors do not violate the stringent emission standards for indoor air quality that have been established by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI).

Flooring by Room

SLCC Flooring Places a High Priority on Your Health and Safety.

SLCC Flooring makes every effort to ensure that the flooring materials it sells meet or exceed all environmental, health, and safety criteria. These requirements include emissions of formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as state requirements such as CARB II Certification and FloorScore® Certification. When you choose SLCC Flooring, you can do so with complete confidence. There is more to consider than the aesthetic value of installing hardwood flooring in your house. A FloorScore® Certification verifies that the indoor air that you and your family breathe is free of contaminants and is safe for everyone.

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