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Austin, Texas Exotic Hardwood Floors

We make exotic hardwoods easy and very affordable in Austin, TX.

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Brazilian Teak Flooring

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brazilian teak wood flooring austin

Also known as Camaru is one of the hardest wood of its kind. Brazilian Teak flooring is very durable and hard. Its botanical name is dipteryx odorata or tonka bean. Brazilian Teak grows in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, and Costa Rica.It can reach up to 120 feet tall with a width of 5 feet. It is also know for Brazilian Chestnut, let it not be confused with the American Walnut. The Brazilian Teak or Camaru fruit is known its fragrance and is being used in the cosmetic industry and medical field today.
Its color ranges from medium brown reddish, yellow reddish, to tan brown reddish with golden streaks and black striping. It may also contain some purple brown but over the years of exposure to light it becomes a uniform yellow-brown. It has a very fine texture with interlocking grain. It has a janka rating of 3540 so it is considered one of the hardest of the Brazilian wood floors.
It has allot of other uses, besides shampoos and perfumes. It can also be found on bridges, ships, and heavy construction. It can also be found on outdoor furniture and decks. . Of coarse it is one of the most luxurious wood flooring. Some oak flooring can be stained to look like teak, but it will lack its grain characteristic. This unique grain give it the look of an intertwining dense grain you cant get from oak flooring. It performs well in residential and commercial applications. It is 175% harder than red oak and 12% more stable than red oak, the Brazilian Teak flooring is one of the most durable and resists dents and scratches and Fort Worth Flooring Store can help with any questions you may have with Brazilian Teak.

Acacia Hardwood

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    acacia hardwood flooring austin

    Janka Hardness:
    1,750 pounds

  • Stiffness (MOE): 2,081 1001 psi
  • Colors of the Heartwood is pinkish with light brown tones.
  • Photosensitivity: Acacia Harwood will maintain its original color because it is not photosensitive.
  • Family: Leguminosae
  • Species Characteristic: The Acacia wood will grow between 21 to 51 feet in height.
  • Geographic Areas: It comes from South Africa and Australia
  • Texture and Grain : Uniform to fine with interlocking grain and medium luster
  • Working Characteristics: The wood is used alot becuase of its ease to be cut into veneers.
  • Applications: Wood Flooring

African Mahogany


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african mahogany wood flooring austin

Khaya, also known as African Mahogany. Its heartwood light pink or brown but darkens upon exposure to red or brown and is an excellent choice for furniture and cabinetwork, boat-building, joinery, veneer and plywood, paneling, and shop fixtures. Khaya's heartwood is light pink or brown but darkens upon exposure to a rich red or brown. Khaya is durable with good nailing and gluing properties. It dries rapidly with little degrade and is easy to slice and peel. Janka of 830 psi


Red Rose Hardwood

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red rosewood wood flooring austin


  • Color of Wood : The sap is white and the heartwood is red to brown-purplish with striping.
  • Photosensitivity: Color is not affected much by sunlight.
  • Tree Characteristic: . The actual tree grows up to 81 feet tall. The diameter is between 27 to 43 inches.
  • Area Geographic : It grows in Brazil and in south Mexico it has a coarse texture with straght grain
  • Luster: High to medium
  • Durability : It is very resistant to decay insects and fungi and dry wood termites
  • Working Character: it is not difficult to work with and finishes well. It also takes high polishes and its great with cabinetry, decorative veneeres, intruments of music and especially flooring

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African Rosewood


african rosewood hardwood flooring austin

Waterfall is a natural, if not novel, name for the kind of figure found in these sets of Bubinga. Similar to a very soft, broad and undefined quilt pattern, waterfall is aptly named. The liquidy, three dimensional texture of the wood seems full of fluid motion.
The wood comes form West Africa and it is very durable. It is a very heavy wood and colors range form purplish brown to a reddish brown. It makes a beautiful wood floor and has a janka rating of 1980 psi. It has a very dense interlocking grain.

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