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1. First start from the outside.

Using the right floor mat outside, can reduce the amount of dirt, dust and debris being tracked inside.This High Traffic door mat in desert taupe color is exclusively made with Genuine AstroTurf scraper blades. This heavy duty mat is a uniquely designed surface beginning with a scientific breakthrough mimicking the natural cleaning power of grass.

  • Unparalleled cleaning surface that scrapes shoes clean
  • Patented process, genuine Astroturf's denser grass-blade design is made of thicker durable polyethylene backing for those high traffic entrances around the home
  • Made in the USA
  • Clean Machine Scraper Mats will resist mildew and moisture; great in snow or hot weather
  • Average 18 in. x 30 in. mat holds/hides 2 lbs. of dirt per week
  • Easy to clean, just shake or hose off with water weekly
  • These mats will become your floor’s new best friend forever
clean machine

Clean Machine Door Mat. High Traffic Desert Taupe 18 in. x 30 in. Door Mat 10371857


Before placing furniture back on a brand new wood floor, get the right pads and install them underneath each and every piece of furniture. The RIGHT pads will prevent furniture from scratching floors and make your heavy furniture more manageable. This will prevent unnecessary repair costs for the future. Drive these in the footing of all wooden peg chairs or furniture footings made of wood. If your furniture or chairs have existing plastic pegs, make sure that the felt sticky pads stick to the surface of existing furniture pads. If your not sure, remove the existing ones and replace them with these. The nail will drive in the footing of chairs or sofas, and the sticky felt pads stick to the white plastic caps.

The secret is the felt pads NOT the white plastic cap.
plastic cap

Shepherd 1-1/8 in. Nail-On Glides with 1 in. Felt Gard Pads (8-Pack) 9955

If your furniture footings are not made of wood, simply stick felt pads underneath footing.

If you have metal or plastic footing furniture, than these self stick pads also come in a 48 pack.

plastic cap

Shepherd 1-1/8 in. Nail-On Glides with 1 in. Felt Gard Pads (8-Pack) 9955


Using a mop, push pull swiffers, sponge ends, rag mops or just hand cleaning.
Some cleaners may contain chemicals that are harmful to you and wood floors. Using the RIGHT cleaner is important so Bona hardwood cleaner is the best choice.


Bona WM700018176 Hardwood Floor Cleaner, 1 Gallon Concentrated Solution Makes 8 Gallons, No Dulling Residue Safe for Wood, Used on NBA and NCAA Courts


We sanitize, clean, and maintain effortlessly with professional products.
Wood floors do not use steamer to maintain and clean. Let our professionals buff, clean and or renew your hardwoods better than any other methods.
We also offer repair services call 512-554-1693 or feel free to contact us.

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Hardwood flooring can be installed either two ways. The right way or the wrong way. We take great pride and love what we do. There are many wood flooring contractors in Austin, Texas. You can hire us to do a wood floor installation, or you can hire another contractor. Before you decide to hire a contractor, there are a few things that you should consider and look out for when hiring out a flooring contractor.

  • Be sure that your contractor is insured both on his business and vehicle.
  • Make sure that your contractor has a knowledge on the difference in between a concrete slab and a wooden sub-floor. Concrete slabs and wooden sub-flooring get treated differently both in leveling and installation.
  • Your contractor should have a moisture meter and check both your concrete slab and the wood flooring materials before performing a wood floor installation. So before performing an installation, check for moisture levels. Here are the main rules with moisture and their levels in relation to the sub-flooring and materials.
  • Moisture levels should be within 4% percent with in of each other. So if your concrete moisture levels are 6% (which is about normal), your wood floor should not have 1% moisture or an 11% moisture level because this would make it 1% over the 4% rule.It your wood floor is not with in 4% moisture levels from with in each other, whether it be concrete or installing over a wooden sub-floor, acclimation is still required and installation should be delayed until the moisture levels are compatible to each other.