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Everyone is making the switch now to vinyl plank floors. Here's why.


Vinyl plank floors are waterproof, and most laminate floors are not. This means you can install wood looking vinyl plank floors in bathrooms and showers.

Real Looking

Unlike laminate floors, the vinyl plank floors are made of a material that can be 3D printed and this creates a more real looking wood floor.

Dent Resistant

Vinyl Plank Floors are more dent resistant due to their bounce back capabilities versus a hard laminate sheet covering a particle board.

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understanding wear layer
As the industry develops new technologies and product chemistry, wear layers are becoming less relevent on certain construction, New topcoat technologies are driving the scuff and stain resistance traditionally handled by the wear layer. The topcoat is a treatment that is applied over the film or wear layer that protects against daily wear or tear on most products (even though many attributes this to the wear layer).

Wear layers are only one factor in determining the performance of a luxury vinyl floor, the topcoat is actually one of the most crucial performance factors and is often misunderstood (even within industry). A floor's topcoat increases overall performance and simpifies cleaning, care and maintenance.

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