No matter where you purchased your floors from, we can install them at $2.50 per square ft. basic labor

Austins' Wood Floor

Maintenance tips and suggestions for care

What to know about restoring, cleaning, or buffing your beautiful wood floors.

Austins' Wood Floor

Learn more about wood species

We can answer any questions about wood species and benefits of what types to choose.

Austins' Wood Floor

Our installation services for anyone with floors

We can answer any questions about wood species and benefits of what types to choose.


Features of our products


We only deal with finishes that are 100% safe containing 0% VOCs (Volatile organic compounds), and no toxins. So it's safe for the whole family, guaranteed.

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It also pays for itself, some of the top surfaces can be renewed by using special soaps and can be renewed number of times with tops that can be resanded to change out color.

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Easy care

The smooth surface has no grooves, no crevice notches, making maintenance so much easier. We also use a special glue that makes flooring come with acoustical sound proofing benefits.

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bdit foundation

Eco Floor Systems uses Euro wood that is 8 1/4″ Wide European Oak. The American White Oak samples are 2 1/4″ – 7″ – 5″ White Oak. Multi width combination mix is available in the American White Oak on all colors. The European Oak is only available in 8 1/4" width.

Alternative is
COREtec Plus
water proof

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There are only 3 common types of hardwoods

1. Prefinished Engineered hardwood flooring

is made with a piece of lumber gets milled and placed on top of designed tongue and groove criss cross ply showcasing the hardwood on the top. This is a one time use and is nonrenewable or unsandable due to its thin top layer.


2. Pre-Finished or Unfinished Solid hardwood flooring

is made when a piece of lumber gets milled already as is with the tongue and groove and no criss-cross ply in its base. These planks are renewable, and sandable up to about 5 times. Solids however can be unstable if installed on concrete foundations and are meant to be nailed on peer and beam.


3. Unfinished Engineered hardwood flooring

is unfinishied engineered product that has an unfinished top. This thick top of real hardwood is just as thick like solid wood and can be stained and finished onsite. This type of wood floor is also renewable and can be resurfaced up to 5 times. This type of flooring combines the benifits of solid real hardwoods and the stability of engineered. We offer a unique commercial grade 0% VOC system with this type of floor.


The Eco Floor Systems advantage

First it provides a healthier and easier lifestyle by being Low of VOC's and the easiest to clean and maintain. It also provides an investment value paying for itself by being a renewable floor.

    The main key benefits are:

  • Its only uses Greenguard certified finishies. No harmful chemicals 100% safe for kids and pets.
  • Cleaning is a faster since the floors are smooth and flat without notches, grooves or crevices.
  • It pays for itself by being renewable an unlimited number of times. You do not have to re-screen your floors ever again, just use the renewing soaps that have the natural oils in them every couple of months. Resurfacing and changing out colors is possible at least 5 more times.

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Common Hardwood Species

There are many species that exist across the world. The most common species from the U. S. are Maple and Hickory Floors. Others are Oak Floors , these are common in un-finished wood planks that get finished onsite. Other softer American woods are Walnut and Birch. American Walnut wood floors are not the same as the Brazilian Walnuts. Foreign hardwoods like Brazilian Cherry and Walnut hardwoods are popular and hard on the surface since they rank highly on the Janka Scale. Other kinds of floors are considered renewable like Cork and Bamboo. There are plenty of other exotic hardwoods that come from around the globe.

Brands to Consider

Come visit Austin's friendliest, down to earth wood flooring showroom and check out some of the recommended brands.

Armstrong, Bella Cera, Bruce, Mullican, Mannington, Mirage, Anderson, Ecotimber, Johnson Hardwoods, Earthwerks, Hartco, Kahrs, Lauzon, LM Flooring, Scandian, Mohawk, Shaw Flooring Industries and more.

Hardwoods and installation service square foot prices

You can get from us top quality name brand hardwood floors and laminate flooring in Austin for alot less than many other retail places in town. The prices for hardwood flooring installation services in Austin, TX usually start from $2.50 installation per square foot base cost. Wood floor repair services also available.

Installation Servies are available in:

All of Austin, TX and surrounding areas like Bee Caves, Westlake Hills, Round Rock, Lakeway, Georgetown, Buda, Sun City, Manor, Cedar Park, Creedmoor, Dripping Springs, Pflugerville, Leander, Sunset Valley, Rollingwood, Kyle, Hutto and Elgin Texas.


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Janka Scale

The janka scale is based on a metal ball test. The ball determines the point of damage to the wood. This decides the hardness for hardwood flooring. The janka chart below is available to see the difference.

  • Brazilian Ebony 3692 psi
  • Brazilian Walnut/ Ipe 3680 psi
  • African Pearwood/Moabi 3680 psi
  • Bolivian Cherry 3650 psi
  • Lapacho 3640 psi
  • Brazilian Teak 3540 psi
  • Tiete Chestnut 3540 psi
  • Tiete Rosewood 3280 psi
  • Brazilian Redwood 3190 psi
  • Brazilian Rosewood 3000 psi
  • Bloodwood 2900 psi
  • Brazilian Cherry 2820 psi
  • Patagonian Rosewood 2920 psi
  • Caribbean Rosewood 2920 psi
  • Santos Mahogany 2200 psi
  • Tigerwood 2160 psi
  • Purple Heart 2090 psi
  • Jarrah 2080 psi
  • Sydney Blue/ Gum 2025 psi
  • African Rosewood/ Bubigna 1980 psi
  • Merbau 1925 psi
  • Amendoim 1912 psi
  • Hickory/ Pecan 1820 psi
  • Doussie 1770 psi
  • Padouk/ African Cherry 1725 psi
  • Kempas 1710 psi
  • Bamboo 1650 psi
  • Wongo 1630
  • Zebrawood 1575 psi
  • Timborana 1570 psi
  • Cameron 1543 psi
  • African Walnut/ Sappele 1500 psi
  • Brazilian Maple 1500 psi
  • American Maple 1450 psi
  • Royal Mahogany 1400 psi
  • Caribbean Walnut 1400 psi
  • Australian Cypress 1375 psi
  • White Oak 1360 psi
  • Red Oak 1290 psi
  • Caribbean Heart Pine 1240 psi
  • Larch 1200 psi
  • Teak 1155 psi
  • Brazilian Euclyptus 1125 psi
  • Peruvian Walnut 1080 psi
  • American Cherry 950 psi
  • Southern Yellow Pine 870 psi
  • South American Lacewood 840 psi
  • African Mahogany 830 psi
  • Mahogany 800 psi
  • Honduran Mahoany 800