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We are Fully Insured, Qualified and Specialize in Hardwoods.

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Fully Insured and Qualified

No need to sacrifice wood flooring due to faulty installation.

We are 100% insured when it comes to working in your home or place of business. Our Insurance policy is so you can rest assure that even before we go to your front door, you have piece of mind. No one is more qualified than a company that only specializes in hardwoods. Some companies do it all and thats ok, we ONLY deal with wood flooring and that is it. All our work is done by specialists. We are masters at what we do and take pride in doing so.

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100% Money Back Guarantee.

We will never ask for any money down. It will always be a 100% finished installation before you pay us a dime, and ONLY if you are 100% satisfied. It is 100% guaranteed that you like the floor we installed or you pay nothing.

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Lifetime Installation Warranty.

We also give you a comprehensive installation lifetime warranty.

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We specialize in Hardwoods.

Wood flooring is ALL that we do.

It is better to specialize in just one thing than to try to be good at everything. We are wood flooring gurus when it comes to it. If there is something we know how to do, its wood floors. Specialization is key in order to be not just good in anything, but outstanding. We would not have it any other way, especially when our reputation is on the line.

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We have good reviews and tons of referrals.

We are an exclusive wood floor installation company for The Tile Guy, and other developers, builders and designers. We are accredited with the BBB with an A+ Rating. We have a ton of referrals and obviously meet industry standards. A top Forbes Stock Trading Company hired us for in home installations. To find out what company, call us and ask for Matt Garcia.

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austin hardwood flooring inc directions

Hardwood flooring can be installed either two ways. The right way or the wrong way. We take great pride and love what we do. There are many wood flooring contractors in Austin, Texas. You can hire us to do a wood floor installation, or you can hire another contractor. Before you decide to hire a contractor, there are a few things that you should consider and look out for when hiring out a flooring contractor.

1. Be sure that your contractor is insured both on his business and vehicle. 
2. Make sure that your contractor has a knowledge on the difference in between a concrete slab and a wooden sub-floor. Concrete slabs and wooden sub-flooring get treated differently both in leveling and installation. 
3. Your contractor should have a moisture meter and check both your concrete slab and the wood flooring materials before performing a wood floor installation. So before performing an installation, check for moisture levels. Here are the main rules with moisture and their levels in relation to the sub-flooring and materials.

  • Moisture levels should be within 4% percent with in of each other. 


  • So if your concrete moisture levels are 6% (which is about normal), your wood floor should not have 1% moisture or an 11% moisture level because this would make it 1% over the 4% rule.


  • It your wood floor is not with in 4% moisture levels from with in each other, whether it be concrete or installing over a wooden sub-floor, acclimation is still required and installation should be delayed until the moisture levels are compatible to each other.

    * Required