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What is Oak

The two major oak families are the white and red oak.

Red or White oak is one of the most popular wide spread wood floor in the U.S. Member or the Beech family its scientific name is Quercus rubra or Lithocarpus. Oak can exist a wide variation of the name like besides American red oak there is black, buck, Canadian, Eastern Red, Leopard, Maine Red , Mountain Med oak, Northern Red, Swamp, and water oak. Not to be confused with the American White Oak also known as Basket, Chestnut, Rock, Tanbark Oak. It is one of the fastest growing of the oak family. It can grow up to 80 ft tall and has a diameter of 2 to 3 ft. It grows in Canada, Northeastern United States, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas. It is the most common used hardwood in the United States primarily because of its abundance. The red oak flooring has a janka rating of 1290 and can resist wear, and is less durable than white oak.Its color is mostly a reddish yellow brown. It can have black mineral streaks. This of coarse all depends on the grade of the floor.

Common Oak Uses

Oak is commonly used in things like drums, peers for buildings, smoking meats, and the drums where wines are stored in. Oak planking was popular back in the 9th and 10th century on Viking Longships. It is also used in construction of fine furniture The bark of the White Oak is dried and used in medical preparations. Oak bark is also rich in tannin, and is used by tanners for tanning leather.

Oak Floor Grades

There are a few grades you should know about natural oaks.

The following four grades are the standard for the NOFMA Wood Flooring Manufactures Association.Clear Grade, Select Grade, No 1 Common Oak, No 2. Common Oak

Clear grade, this grade is mainly heartwood or the center of the tree. It will have a minimum number of marks, streaks or imperfections. The clear appearance give it the clear look. It may have a thin brown mineral streak 3 inches long for every 6 inches or 3/8" sapwood through the entire length of plank. Small burls and fine worm pin holes.

The Select oak grade may have different variation of natural sapwood and heartwood. Unlimited sapwood, with slight imperfections. A small tight knot every 3 feet of plank is also permitted with a little burls and small machine burns across the plank no bigger than 1/4" is also admitted.

No. 1 common oak will contain more variation than select grade and coloration varying in characters. Filled knot holes. Minor imperfections are allowed. Flag worm holes, streaks and worm holes with dark machine burns across plank no bigger than 1/2 inch wide, no more than 2 for every 3 feet are also permitted.

No. 2 common oak will have allot more variation in color and imperfections than No.1 common oak. Knot holes and open splits on face that are admitted. Black streaks, with imperfections and some broken tongue are also admitted. Red oak hardwood flooring is commonly used in all applications. It makes a great commercial and residential flooring. Acquiring the 3 1/4 nail down flooring is rather easy and can be sanded and stained to practically any color. The red oak flooring is used for sand and finished because of its ability to absorb stain. It has a strong stain absorbent ability, so color can be added, changed, or manipulated with endless amount of possibilities.

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Janka Scale

The janka scale is based on a metal ball test. The ball determines the point of damage to the wood. This decides the hardness for hardwood flooring. The janka chart below is available to see the difference.