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Maple Flooring

What is Maple Wood

This is Natural Maple Wood

The maple hardwood is a creamy white, yellow tint with black streaks on it. The wood is normally straight-grained with birds-eye figures and swirls, lines with mixes and hues of white and yellow with dark whirly figures. There are approximately 125 maple species most of native to Asia. In the North American it grows in the Eastern U.S. next to all Lake states. It can reach a height of 145 feet. The red maple leaf is the feature of the flag of Canada. The Maple tree is planted as ornamental trees by businesses, and homeowners.

Common Maple Applications

Not just floors but used in gyms, bowling pins, baseball bats and more.

The Sugar Maple in North America is often known as "hard maple", also used for bowling pins, bowling alley lanes and baseball bats. Maple is a very common wood in the United States.

It makes a great floor and is widely used in gymnasium floors, kitchen cabinets, table tops, and every other wood product you can think of like doors, handrails even kitchen wear. Up north like Wisconsin, New York, and West Virginia, the sugar maple is tapped into for its sap. This is the source of maple syrup. The first American settlers used the maple ashes to make soap. To this day the dried wood of Maple is used for smoking of food. This type of wood can be stained and sanded because it polishes well and is suites stains well for brown tones. Maple has a janka rating of 1450.

The images above show how Maple flooring can be stained to a darker color. By Armstrong Flooring Manufacturer.

The image below shows the natural look of maple without stain.

What is Hickory

Hickory wood is very similar to maple.

The Hickory tree known for its large nuts is native to North America. It can grow from 70 - 110 ft. tall. Not to be confused with other species from China and Indochina. The Hickory wood has a janka rating of 1820. Hickory hardwood is hard, stiff and very dense. It has black eyes and swirls that resemble the Maple wood in a way. Hickory has a yellow and cream color. It also contains black swirls and knots kind of like maple does.

Hickory common applications

sed in cabinets, drum sticks, and even for smoking meats.

The use of this wood can be found in alot of items used by the population. Such items are things like tool handles, bows, carts, drumsticks, golf club shafts, bottom of skis and walking sticks. Also used in cabinets, hickory gives the character otherwise not found in regular Oaks and Cherry woods. The Hickory wood is known for smoking meats and is highly prized for wood-burning stoves. The Hickory flooring is widely used in kitchens, dinning rooms and commercial buildings for its resistance and characteristics.

The images above show how Hickory wood floors can look when installed in a home. The image in the middle show the Natural look of the wood. The othe side images show hickory in a more darker stain. These floors are made be Armstrong. A leading manufature of woods in the industry. Come a visit our showroom to see samples and take some sample home with you.

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Janka Scale

The janka scale is based on a metal ball test. The ball determines the point of damage to the wood. This decides the hardness for hardwood flooring. The janka chart below is available to see the difference.