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Why engineered hardwoods are best in Austin, Texas.

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How is engineered wood flooring made

Engineered wood flooring is made by building a criss-cross plywood base that acts like a foundation for the actual solid piece of wood flooring being showed on the top.

Engineered hardwood flooring is designed where only the first layer is solid wood and the rest is a criss cross plywood. The criss-cross design gives it a stable foundation. All wood flooring will expand due to moisture. When the plank on top decides to expand due to absorbing moisture, the middle layer is runing against the grain of the top wear layer. This causes the tension to cancel each other out. The bottom layer runs against or the opposite direction as the middle layer. The more criss cross layers, them more stable is the wood piece on the top.

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How different is engineered than solid wood floor

Versus -VS-

Engineered Wood Floor Plank

Top layer of wood floor is the actual wood flooring that is the wear layer.

Solid Wood Floor Plank

The whole plank is solid from top to bottom. Here there is no layered ply, it is a solid piece of wood floor.

Solid wood flooring has no stable criss-cross ply. Solid wood flooring is a piece of lumber that gets milled into a tongue and groove design and is ready to install. Solid wood floors are designed to get nailed on peer and beam or trailer homes. Most solids come in 3/4 " thick, only meant for naildown applications.

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Engineered is good for all grades.

Engineered wood floors can be glued on all grades.

It is used for all grades above, on and below grade, concrete slab or ply-wood. This makes a perfect floor in Austin because its very stable on concrete slabs. Not all wood floors are perfect for concrete slabs. The criss-cross layers below the solid piece of wood acts as a stable foundation, making it very stable against moisture and elevated levels of humidity. It acts as a 3:1 moisture barrier between your concrete and hardwood. Most engineered flooring have pretty good thick tops you can sand if needed just as much as a solid wood.

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Heat treated finishing process.

You can't sand past the tongue anyway whether it be a solid or engineered. Most engineered hardwood gloss finishes are heat treated at the factory, making the finish 4 times stronger that traditional poly-urethane sand on site solid wood floors. That's the reason why most engineered flooring come with a 20 - 30 year wear warranties. The heat treated process cannot be duplicated on site.

So most engineered wood flooring will have a high wear and tear capacity on the gloss. Some solid wood floors also come with the heat treated process.

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