Getting cork for your home is enviromentaly friendly.

      Cork Flooring in Austin, Texas

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      What is cork

      What exactly is cork?

      Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree. The botanical name is Quercus suber. Its bark is stripped off without killing or damaging the tree. This is what makes the cork so unique its that the tree does not have to be cut down. It is a renewable resource. It takes nine years to be harvested again. The tree has to beat least 20 years before this can occur. The tree can be harvested over and over until it reaches 200 years. The cork trees grow in Spain, Portugal, France, North Africa, and Italy. More than 50% of the worlds cork rawmaterial comes from Portugal. One interesting fact about the cork is that although forest fires have destroyed trees in the Mediterranean region, the cork's bark has a special chemical properties that are fire resistant.

      How it is harvested?

      Cork is harvested a little different.

      Cork is harvested by using a machete to slice the bark into sections. Using a metal wedge it gets peeled. Harvesters have to be careful not to damage the thin skin-like membrane between bark and tree. If this membrane gets damaged, this could kill the tree. This tree is then recorded as to regulate that it does not get striped again for the next 9 years. This process makes cork a renewable raw material.

      Cork common applications

      From cork wine bottle tops, shoes, art to flooring in homes and public buildings.

      Cork flooring comes in a different array of colors. Environmentally friendly cork and good floor for an insulated type of application. Corks profound reduction against noise and the temperature of any house is outstanding. It feels good to walk on and it is good on the knees since the cork flooring can absorb shock. It is easy to maintain, quiet to the touch and walk, it absorbs sound, a good acoustical material, environmentally friendly and anti-allergenic. It is also durable and can handle all kinds of traffic including pets, high heels, and children. It is light weight and has good elasticity. It will bounce back to its original form after it has been dented most of the time. Cork will not rot and has low conductivity. Cork is becoming more fashionable through out the industry like here in Austin Texas. It can be found in shoes, bottle tops, art, fishing rods, and more. Cork floors can blend in well with other decorations and furniture because it comes in a wide range of colors . For example you can find cork in the Austin area and public buildings including schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and offices.

      cork Floor Installation Services Available in:

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