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Brazilian Cherry and Walnut Wood Floors Austin, TX

Brazilian Hardwoods are popular and nice to have.

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Brazilian Cherry Wood Flooring

A most common foreing wood used in the United States

brazilian cherry austin tx flooring

Brazilian Cherry is one of the most popular exotic types of flooring there is today in the market. Brazilian Cherry flooring also known as Jatoba or Courbaril. Its botanical name is known as Hymenaea courbaril. Unlike Brazilian Teak, the canopy tree can reach a height of 150 feet with a cylindrical trunk of up to 6 feet in diameter. The gray smooth bark exudes a gum substance so it is often used in medicinal purposes. Brazilian cherry also grows in Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Caribbean and in Mexico. The Brazilian Cherry floor is considered to be an exotic floor here in the United States.
It has a brownish type of reddish color, to a pinkish to brown pink shadows. It may contain black striping and yellowish hues. It is a heavy wood with regular to irregular interlocking grain with a golden sort of glowing luster beneath its grain. At first Brazilian Cherry flooring will come in a lighter tan color but over time it darkens to its original color to the deeper reddish brown. Exposure to sunlight causes it to darken up.

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Some Brazilian Cherry common Applications

From furniture, to doors and more.

Brazilian Cherry is 200% harder than Oak hardwood flooring and has a janka rating of about 2820. It has many applications. Brazilian cherry sometimes is used in interior finishing's like rafters, beams, door frames, furniture and flooring It also has exterior use like sleepers, frames, architectural details, furniture and many other uses such as decorative veneers, turnery and joinery. In Brazil and South America Brazilian Cherry is used in boat docks, piers and even bridges which still to this day remain standing. This is because Brazilian Cherry has a natural property that does not require added preservation due to its natural oils.

It has allot of variation, so it matches with plenty of colors complimenting furniture in any setting. Some prefer the flooring because of its unique warmth and unique reddish glowing cherry tone. Others because of its hardness, durability, stability and it is one of the most readily available flooring of its kind. This is why it is being used more in homes, apartments, condominiums and modern shopping malls. Comparable to oak, maple, pine, or American Cherry and
Walnut flooring, Brazilian Cherry is very durable because of its hardness. It is not easy to dent and scratch. Brazilian Cherry also comes in a hand scraped form, engineered, and solid. Some of our manufactures make Brazilian Cherry in a form that it can be floated for special applications.

Brazilian Cherry is highly regulated through its governmental control throughout Brazil. According to Ibama, Brazil's government harvesting control agency, no clear cutting is allowed in Brazil. All trees must be tagged and presented to authorities before harvesting to ensure proper and responsible harvesting regulations were practiced. No tree less than 26 inches in diameter when measured 48 inches above ground can be cut. This ensures availability and no under age cutting. With immediate jail with out bail until trial held, and fines up to $1,000,000 companies in Brazil take no chances in these tight government regulations. Not to mention emidiate seizure of equipment, bank accounts and other properties. It is safe to say Brazil has one of the most strictest environmental laws and enforcement in the world.

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What is Brazilian Walnut

Considered on of the hardest wood floors of its kind

brazilian walnut hardwood flooring austin

Not to be confused with the American Walnut, Brazilian Walnut is also known as Ipe or Canella imbuia, Embuia, Embuya Brazilian Walnut flooring is the hardest and densest hardwoods in the Brazil hardwood family. Like the Brazilian cherry wood, this wood is also grown in Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Guatemala. But it mostly grows in the moist forests of Parana and Santa Catharine southern Brazil. Its found in altitudes of 3,000 to 4,000 ft. This Walnut tree grows at a maximum of 130 ft to 165 ft in height and 6 ft in diameter. This makes it one of the tallest trees of its kind.

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Brazilian Walnut Floor Characteristics

The woods color can be from an olive to chocolate brown, to gray and black reds. It usually has striping and it is fine textured with fine ripple marks. It can also come in light yellowish tans or rich mahogany blends, it just depends where it was grown. Over all it is a dark floor, mainly used for dark hardwood flooring applications. Over time it will darken to a brown black color, originally it will display a large variation in color. It has wavy grain with a high luster. It is one of the hardest with a janka scale rating of 3680. It is resistant to wood insects and fungi. A fantastic residential or commercial floor.

Brazilian Walnut Applications


Its used in a wide assortment of furniture, cabinet work, decorative veneer, joinery, garden furniture, hydraulic works, tool handles, bridge decking, commercial and residential flooring. The wood is very dense so it will cause a dulling effect with any sawing tools. Always use a carbide tip blade when cutting the Walnut. The flooring can have allot of benefits on a residential or commercial floor. First it is one of the hardest, so scratching will not be easy. Second the wear ability due to its dense fibers can make the floor last for centuries. Its a perfect floor for a high traffic area. It is a dark floor, so it will blend in nicely with white accent furniture or trim. This floor can also make your ceilings look taller, due to its dark properties.

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