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Rustic Flooring - Austin Texas Flooring Store.

Rustic wood flooring in Texas is the term used when referring to the worn look of wood floors. Mistaken for the handscraped floor, rustic flooring gives a floor character. Manufactures also consider rustic wood flooring the last of the grade. It does not mean that there is anything wrong with the floor, it just means that the style is different. Sometimes million dollar homes take rustic flooring over select clear grade because of the look there going for. When dealing with red oak for example there are a few terms of set of levels to choose from.
 There is select, or first grade. This grade is the center of the tree, or where few imperfections are usually found. This floor will have fewer imperfections and will look more uniform.
 Then there is second grade or natural. This means that the planks are cut from the mid section of the tree. Here you can expect some mineral streaks and some imperfections, but not much. This is why it is called natural. It gives you a taste of the good part of the tree as well as the not so perfect portion.
Then there is third grade or rustic. Here this plank is cut from the outside of the tree, closer the bark. Here you can definitely see imperfections, mineral streaks, knots and holes. This Sometimes the knots and streaks of a rustic wood floor gives a perfect setting to any home.

Rustic Floor.

 When the look you want is a more of warm, inviting type of feeling than the worn look of a rustic wood floor is what most designers choose. The hand scraped wood floor or the hand sculpted hardwood is another type of wood floor that you can consider a rustic floor. The hand scraped wood is usually done by a machine and it is manufactured this way to give its time worn look. The hand sculpted wood floor is done by hand. The distressed hardwood floor is another term used for a rustic wood floor. This type of floor can either be left with imperfections by the manufacture or its is commonly done by machine or by hand. All 4 types of flooring are the non-traditional smooth planks people are more accustomed to seeing. And all 4 types of wood floors are a perfect choice when considering a rustic wood floor.
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